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Through the years many techniques became available for the production of 360 virtual tours.

Panpics | panoramic pictures allways strives for perfection. We use professional cameras, lenses and virtual tour hardware, in combination with unique virtual tour software to achieve the best possible result.

Often, local lighting conditions dictate HDR approach for location photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and results in an optimum exposure average. In addition to "normal" shots we make additional recordings during the shooting. The merge of this material takes place afterwards, to produce high end panoramic pictures.

Than the 360 virtual tour is being build. It starts with the production of a dedicated skin that matches your housestyle. This skin is used to present the 360 panoramic pictures synchronized with interactive floorplans. In the 360 panoramic pictures we incorporate interactive hotspots, to enable the viewer to easily jump from spot to another.

After publishing we prefer to host the 360 virtual tour on our own servers, to be able to give you the maximum support. If required it is also possible to store the 360 virtual tours on your own server.


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