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For an impression of Panorama Mesdag just click this image to enter their website.

Panorama Mesdag is one of the oldest panorama's in the world and was painted in 1881. Because the cloth is round (120 x 14 meter), one does not stand in front, but in the middle of the painting ... a wonderful experience.

"Never in my life have I seen anything so beautiful. Panorama Mesdag has only one flaw and that is that it has no defects. - Vincent van Gogh (painter)

"As I stood there breathless and looked around, it slowly dawned on me that a magician had been at work here." - Bearer Martin (writer)

"After seeing Panorama Mesdag - the miracle that turned out to be no wonder - is my search for the transcendent started. It has a tone put that in my life and in my work always resounds again. - Paul Verhoeven (filmmaker)

Panpics | panoramic pictures strives for a similar impact, as far as the experience is concerned. We are passionate about these panorama pioneers of the first hour and would like to be seen as the digital panoramic artists of this age.


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